Saturday, 10 October 2009

Soul Buggin' gets all wordy...

So here we are! Welcome to the first Soul Buggin' blog. It was only a matter of time really I guess wasn't it? We've got lots to say and often spend many an hour grumbling to ourselves about important topics such as the price of sausage rolls, what age you should really stop looking at first year students and why the hell someone has re-edited yet another bloody Jacko record. As fellow Soul Buggers Wrighty and Mark are busy old chaps these days I thought what better time to launch my literacy skills upon the unsuspecting world and start our first Soul Buggin' blog.

Of course, some could argue this is just another excuse to spam up the internet with shameless promotion for our monthly night down at the Moog bar here in Nottingham (which of course it is - please see below for details on our next night!) but thats not entirely true. We'll be using this page over the following months to write about all kinds of things that float our boats. Whether it be a detailed analysis of the forthcoming new Predator film, the state of affairs regarding Masterchef Greg Wallace's pulsating belly, great parties put on by our friends around the country or quite simply music that we feel needs shouting from the rooftops.

Please pop in from time to time to see what we're up to - they'll be something for everyone with new mixtapes galore, party information and general waffle to read while your counting down the minutes until the next episode of Emmerdale starts.

Love and hugs as always



  1. "the state of affairs regarding Masterchef Greg Wallace's pulsating belly"

    haha he loves his food doesn't he?

    And step aside Emmerdale, it's all about Eastenders, People ; )

    Bless Beansy

    : )


  2. So pleased to see you entering the blogosphere mate! I will be an avid reader.

    PS - love your writing Beane - you should do more..

  3. Will be keeping my beedy peepers on this here endeavour, chaps.

    Maximal respect.

    The Exceedingly Boss Dr. Jazzchops