Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Right, it's about time we gave you some details of our next party on Saturday 29th October at the Moog bar here in Nottingham. For our next shindig we've decided to invite the guys behind the well respected KAT Record label - Phat Phil Cooper and Ste Hodge.

Over the years KAT Records has featured releases from superior cut and splice edit merchants such as leading players in the game Greg Wilson, Ashley Beedle, Rahaan, Al Kent, Danny Krivit and many more. With their releases supported by every man and his dog the duo themselves have played just about everywhere so we won’t bore you with a roll call of clubs although it’s a safe bet that you’ve probably been dancing on one of their blinding boat parties if you’ve been out to Croatia’s Garden Festival in recent years. Musically they love to chuck in everything from folk, psyched out funk rock, soul, jazz funk, disco, house and hip hop into their sets and their dancefloor ethos is exactly what Soul Buggin’ is all about - if its good, it gets played. High fives all round!

Check out their soundcloud page for loads of sounds here

Usual rules apply for this one - £3 before 10.30pm / £5 after and we'll be going on till 3am. Come get some all over your face.

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