Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Saturdays were invented for disco after all...

Last weekend we were very honoured to have Kev Beadle come over and grace the decks at our little soiree here in Nottingham and christ on a custard cream it was a sweaty one. With temperatures soaring throughout the day we knew we were in for a hot one but by the time Kev started to hammer out killers tunes one after the other no one was quite prepared for the heat that ensued both on and off the decks. Already well known for his long running mighty dj sets at the legendary Southport Soul Weekender we were blessed with everything from Dimitri From Paris edits of Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes, classic detroit monsters from the likes of Underground Resistance and even that new killer version of "Still in love" by Navasha Dayo. A solid 2 hour set that flew by which is always the sign of a good selection. Many thanks to Kev for making the long trip up to Nottingham and all you lot that came down and danced your socks off. When Mikey starts slapping the ceiling you know your doing something right.

So with all that madness still buzzing round our heads like those bleedin' vuvuzelas in South Africa, here at Soul Buggin' HQ we're gearing up for re-launching our humble little party on Saturday 31st July at Moog. We've decided to switch days from Fridays to the last Saturday of the month as we felt as ace as the Friday sessions were, we wanna go all out with the glitterball and bring disco back to Nottingham on the big old Sataaadeee. Surely that's what the day was invented for in the first place right? I've got no idea who came up with the concept of the weekend - it may have been some sort of God or it may have been a flying teapot I don't really care - what has been rather concerning lately is the lack of good soulful dancefloor nights on a Saturday here in Nottingham. While some like it there are many that aren't necessarily into the crash, bang, wallop 'lets smash the flying electro fuck out of it cos the kids love it' attitude that sometimes seems oh so prevalent in Nottinghams late night venues. With a zillion bars bringing up the rear (and to be fair, we've got some great ones in this town that do supply some great music) we should really be re-focusing on the important stuff, namely dancing. More specifically dancing to something you bloody well like. It's better than any exercise you can ever partake in because you can do it sober or completely off your nut, you get to meet like-minded mentalists and if your lucky and do some fancy knee drops or half-steps you might even pull as apparently how you dance is how you have sex. Lordy. Either way, it's win win everytime (as long as you don't try a knee drop halfway through playing hide the sausage if you do pull).

So it is with great excitement that we welcome one of the true flag bearers of the glitterball Al Kent to our Soul Buggin' re-launch party at Moog. To give you a full bio on this man would be ridiculous as I'll be here till christmas but as resident of the storming Million Dollar Disco night that has put on parties in Manchester and Glasgow (which in turn has played host to fine selectors Rahaan, Faze Action and Dimitri From Paris) he’s been djing himself all over the country from the Southport Soul Weekender to The Sub Club and beyond for donkeys years. With huge productions under his belt such as the Million Dollar Orchestra album “Better Days” on BBE Records he’s also a dab hand at the disco re-edit having turned in many a dancefloor bomb as The Brown Brothers. So hot on the heels of his recently released “Disco Demands 5” compilation we welcome a true purveyor of the disco to our relaunch party.

Support comes from the usual hairy residents myself, Wrighty and Mark A with doors opening at 9pm. Get down early to get in cheap (£2 before 11pm - £4 after) and if the weathers nice shoot your chuff up onto the Moog roof terrace, it's bloomin' lovely up there.

We look forward to shaking a leg with you!



PS - Keep your eyes peeled on this blog and our facebook page for information about our big end of summer all day BBQ session @ Moog on bank holiday Sunday 29th August. Details coming sooooooooon.

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