Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hello 2011!

So that's the first decade of the 21st century polished off, what's the next got in store for us I wonder? I dare not make any predictions if I'm honest at this point in time as my brain is still frazzled from all the festivities just past. I did hit it a bit too hard over the Christmas season so I'll need to concentrate a bit to write this, please bear with me

Here in Nottingham we decided to wave goodbye to the monster that was 2010 last month with our annual christmas Soul Buggin' party in Moog and invited along the Feel Good Phonic boys to join us for a mince pie disco knees up. With both sets of residents set to square up on the turntables (a total of SEVEN djs - 4 of them and 3 of us) we were slightly outnumbered which wasn't too bad as the combined age of us Soul Buggers is about 274. However disaster soon struck - Mark AND Wrighty were unable to make it down so it was down to me to try to fight em off with whatever bombs I could muster. Luckly I think I just pulled it off but I'd never heard the FGP boys together before and they certainly didn't disappoint, mixing up a right solid selection of dance floor nuggets with even the odd christmas anthem thrown in for good measure ("Santa Claus is coming to town" - Dave u bleddy nutter!!) Special thanks to Luke, Anthony, Mr Cross and Chopper for making it over as well as those that came down for a boogie. Was a lot of fun.

So with Christmas finally put back in it's box for another year, our bellies considerably more rotund and heads still pretty mashed up from the festive mentalism all eyes now focus on 2011. After a pretty belting year down at Soul Buggin' we're lining up loads for our monthly little sessions this year but to kick start it all off we've decided to blow off the doom and gloom that envelops us all at this time of year and do something a bit different. On Saturday 29th January down at the Moog bar we're going to be hosting a Fun Your Ear Midlands THREE party.

In 2009 we hosted 2 FYE parties in the region after previous sessions had taken place in the capitol, the North and South coast. Our 2 parties proved such a success we're doing it again down at the Moog bar. For those unfamiliar with these parties the concept has remained unchanged in 10 years. A group of djs (12 in this case) get to play for 30 minutes of whatever they want and however they want and in turn keep the night constantly fresh, eclectic and interesting. The results are always unpredictable and this is the very true essence of an FYE night. What on paper sounds like an absolute disaster waiting to happen turns out to be pretty special due to the fact the selectors tend to have bloody good record collections! Kicking off at 9pm and going on till 3am this ones a freemans so you can't ask fairer than that if your feeling the pinch .

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 29th January to dance off all that Xmas grub.


In the meantime, here's some chart action to warm yer cockles in this here 'orrble january

Beane's heaters for January 2011

01. Maxxi & Zeus - American dreamer | International Feel 12"
02. Lone - Emerald Fantasy Tracks | Magic Wire LP
03. Root Soul - Fuselage | Mukatsuku 12"
04. Deep Space Orchestra - Trust Skynet EP | Use of Weapons 12"
05. Fonda Rae - Touch me | Street Sounds Electro 12"
06. Tulio de Piscopo - Stop Bajon (Theo Parrish / Isoul8 & Mark de Clive Lowe remixes) | Archive 12"
07. Darkstar- Gold | Hyperdub 12"
08. Solid State - Dry Ice EP | All Out War 12"
09. Krystal Klear - Tried for your love EP | All City 12"
10. Architect - Christine | Nang 12"
11. Pointer Sisters - Automatic | 12"
12. Karma - The violence won't stop / Tout Est Conneries! | Unknown 12"
13. Mark Murphy - Stolen moments (Nicole Conte remix) | Schema 10"
14. System Status - Intergalactic Cannibalism | CDR
15. Mark E - R&B Dunkie | Golf Channel 12"