Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Well what a way to bow out at Moog eh? New Years Eve saw us somewhat tearfully put on our last party at the venue before it closes its doors in January and what a ruddy session it turned out to be. We thought the Bill Brewster night earlier in the year couldn't be topped for the most amount of sweaty bodies in Moog but New Years Eve was a whole different animal. Right from the get go people came down and got on the good foot and let loose with one of the best crowds we've ever had and we'd just like to say a big thank you to all those that decided to come and raise a glass to see in 2012.

It was always inevitable that the night was going to go on later than advertised and that 'one more record' (complete with drunken goodbye speech from myself) ended up snowballing into more wobbly discoid madness that would eventually see us finally turn the lights off gone 6am with the run out grooves of Nuyorican Soul's 'The Nervous Track' crackling away. Just seemed to make sense.

We're looking forward to returning in 2012 at a new venue here in Nottingham so keep your eyes on this blog for updates but until then, here's a selection of some pics from the night taken by various fruitcakes who were out getting sweaty on the dancefloor.