Saturday, 1 October 2016

Soul Buggin' 12th Birthday with special guest Dego (2000 Black)

Good lord it's been so busy this year we almost forgot to have a birthday party. Well, we might be a couple of months late but we were working on something special and we're super excited to be inviting back to Soul Buggin' one of our favourites for a swish loft party in the centre of Nottingham

Soul Buggin’ 12th Birthday Party with special guest Dego (2000 Black)
Saturday 19th November 2016
The Lofthouse
35 Warser Gate, Nottingham NG1 1NU
*Limited Capacity Loft Party*


Line up:
Mark A


Very Limited Early Birds Tickets: £8 
1st Release Tickets: £10
Final Last Release Tickets: £12

Limited physical tickets available from Mimm, Broad Street, Nottingham 

Facebook event:


Please note that this is a limited capacity venue so purchasing advance tickets is advised.

As the head of the enigmatic 2000 Black imprint and revered as one of London’s most important musical visionaries, Dego continues to pioneer forward-thinking soulful music across all tempos and is never restrained by genre, only influenced by quality and making genre guidelines obsolete. Under his many monikers and collaborations from 4 Hero to DKD to Silhouette Brown and beyond, Dego has subsequently heavily influenced the evolutionary course of underground dance music not just in the UK but around the world. With releases on quality labels such as Eglo Records, Talkin’ Loud, Archive, Neroli, Bitasweet and so many more, his musical back catalogue is steeped in quality. 

So come and join us in raising a glass at our 12th birthday, get on the good foot and come and hear some of that GOOD GOOD.