Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bring forth the ice cream and jelly

Flippin' eck. We turn 8 in September. That's some milestone isn't it. So we've decided we should do what we do best and throw a bloody great party on Saturday 29th September at The Bodega Social Club here in Nottingham with fancy visuals, big soundsystem, high quality music, lots of booze and most importantly you lot.

Who we should get to come and play for these birthday bashes has always been a bit of thing for us, so this time we decided to listen to what our regulars have been telling us and book ourselves to play. To be honest we're all ridiculously excited about getting to play at peak time but we know what you lot like so expect a right rammed dancefloor and Raul will be giving special dancing lessons to those who need them.

See you all out on the floor

We open at 11pm and groove on till 4am

Entry is £5

DJs; Wrighty, Beane & Mark A