Monday, 19 June 2017

Big love to The Lofthouse, Nottingham

We learned of some rather sad news recently that The Lofthouse has decided to close it’s doors. We were fortunate enough to put on 3 Soul Buggin’ parties at the venue (Dego / Ray Mang / Chris Duckenfield) and boy oh boy what parties they were. We’ve hosted events at quite a few places over the past 12 years or so but The Lofthouse felt very special to us, definitely had that warehouse type feel and in many respects reminded us our glory days at the much missed Moog bar when it came down to the magical vibe it created for our parties. We’ll have many warm memories of The Lofthouse as it was such a great venue where like minded souls could come, dance and escape the usual madness of the streets below. It will be greatly missed by us (and many of you we imagine) but we wish them well in their future endeavours.

Our recent party was the very last night the venue played host to and as luck would have it we recorded it all.

You can listen to it over on our podcast page >