Thursday, 12 April 2012

Get some some disco back up yer jumpers

After a long 4 months Soul Buggin' returned with a vengeance last Sunday as we opened up our account at the Bodega Social Club here in Nottingham with a right old Easter knees up. It had seemed like an absolute ice age since our last New Years Eve party when we waved goodbye to Moog, got all tearful and packed up our bags littlest hobo stylee and hit the road. So come Sunday we were right pumped up for our party with Faze Action and Leftside Wobble and what a fun night we had. Massive shouts to all those that came down, rubbed us up funny, got on the good foot and generally let loose. Here's a few pics that have surfaced from our favourite sex photography Nick Clague.

So as mentioned a few months back our plan at The Bodega Social Club is to put on parties on the last Saturday of the month, just like we used to at Moog, so we don't want you to lose the plot but we've got another little session up our sleeve for Saturday 28th April where we'll be starting our monthly residency good and proper with a right line up. What better way to lay down our gauntlet we thought than to welcome Nottingham's very fine Crazy P Soundsystem to join us for a bit of the old good good.

Due to their rising success that has been like a tidal wave these past few years Crazy P have been playing all over the world so we're super excited to have them join us at Soul Buggin' which feels like a well overdue appearance. Regular readers and disco fiends won't need any back story from me on this blog but for those who have been living in a cave these last 15 years or so have a wander round their website here. Expect a DJ set mixed in with keyboards, a sampler and live vocals. Definitely one not to be missed!

Doors open at the slightly later time of 11pm for this one but we'll be partying on till 4am to make up for it. Oh and it's only a fiver on the door too. Aceness all round.