Friday, 29 October 2021

Soul Buggin' 17th Birthday with Red Rack'em (Bergerac Records)

E̶a̶r̶l̶y̶ ̶B̶i̶r̶d̶s̶:̶ ̶£̶1̶0̶ [SOLD OUT]
1st Release: £12
2nd Release: £14

Red Rack'em (Bergerac Records)

We've invited our old mucker Red Rack'em, from Bergerac Records, to celebrate with us. Astonishingly, he last played for us way back in 2009 so is long overdue a return visit.
With a fanbase that ranges from Elton John to DJ Harvey, Red Rack'em's twisted productions have been turning heads for years now and we're big fans here at Soul Buggin' towers. He launched his "How I program" music masterclass series in 2020 that's gone on to build a great community and attracted some stellar guest programmers. He's played just about everywhere from Berlin to Bristol and his DJ sets straddle everything from house, disco, broken beats, nu wave, techno, boogie, jazz, soul, hip hop and everything in between.
Come get loose in a basement with us.

The Cell (Under Das Kino), 22a Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 2FZ

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